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Sending totally anonymous email or Usenet posting has never been easier. This is a SAMPLE of how our secured, web based anonymous remailer / Usenet posting facility works. Go ahead and give it a try. Ultimate Privacy -  Providing Privacy & Anonymity since January 1997!    25 years in January 2022!

From: ie:  Bobby Jones

Destination:      Email address OR Newsgroup

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Note: Destination may be EITHER an email address OR a newsgroup!




In addition to our secured web based remailer, we offer downloadable software that allows you to send anonymous messages encrypted, directly to our server. Additionally, you can use your own default email software to send totally anonymous messages along with attachments directly to our server!

ALL of these methods allow you to manipulate the "from" line of messages letting you control who the sender appears as! Real e-mail anonymity.


Don't be fooled!:

Web based email services like Yahoo, Gmail and especially Hotmail are NOT anonymous! Your REAL IP address is contained within the headers of messages sent through such services.


A TRUE anonymous remailer reveals NOTHING about the actual sender. Messages sent through our remailer are not traceable back to the true sender or even their service provider. Additionally, we NEVER log our remailers, EVER.

Full Privacy:

We also provide disposable email addresses under several non discreet domains where subscribers can receive replies anonymously! Since our remailers allow you the ability to manipulate the "from line" of messages sent, recipients can actually reply without revealing the real identity of the sender as we do not log our services.






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