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If you are looking for online privacy and anonymity, you have come to the right place. Since January 1997 Ultimate Privacy has been protecting the privacy of online users in all forms of internet usage. From anonymous web surfing, email, website hosting both with US and offshore (Panama) servers, we have got you covered. Complete anonymity, all of the time for over 25 years!

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iUltimate Privacy

Why you should choose us

Online privacy is all we do. Ultimate Privacy was launched by three friends in January of 1997 and is still run by the same three founders. We do not answer to shareholders, we only answer to our subscribers. We launched the very first web based pgp encrypted remailer and to this day it is still one of our most used features but that just a small part of what we do!

Complete Online Anonymity

Whether you are looking for anonymous web-surfing, anonymous email or sms texting, anonymous web hosting or domain names, securing files, Anonymous VPN, Anonymous offshore website hosting, anonymous snail mail or more.

Real World Privacy

Take control of your real world privacy with file encryption, anonymous snail mail, anonymous SMS texting, Avoid stalkers, Anonymous domain services, Private encrypted chat software, Anonymous IRC & More. Real world privacy that works!

Worldwide Support

We are here to help! For over 25 years our support is second to none. Telephone, email and live chat support is always available to make sure you are set up and ready to take control of your online privacy today!

Online privacy for life

It's back!

The lifetime subscription has returned!

Yes! It is true, the lifetime subscription is back. A lifetime of online privacy, anonymity and security at a low, one time price. This offer may go away at anytime. Since our inception in January 1997 we have periodically offered this very special deal so do not delay.  Click here for details!

Our Services

Here are some of the privacy & anonymity services we offer our subscribers.

Anonymous Hosting

Full anonymous C-Panel web hosting. Both U.S. & Panama servers! Your choice.

Domain Registration

Anonymous Domain Registration! Full domain registration, privately.

Anonymous E-Mail

Send completely anonymous emails. Untraceable, guaranteed.

Anonymous Web Surfing

Visit websites with complete anonymity. Nobody's business what you do online!

Anonymous Snail-Mail

Send or receive snail mail (documents) with complete anonymity & privacy.

Disposable NYM's

Set up disposable, anonymous email addresses at will. Choose from multiple domains.

Ultimate Privacy

We are your one stop privacy & anonymity shop. You simply will not find more for less anywhere.

 For over 25 years, since January 1997  Ultimate Privacy has provided quality online privacy and online anonymity services to the internet community. Online privacy and anonymity is all we do. We originally launched after developing the first web based PGP remailer which is still one of our most popular services today! Over 25 years we have grown to provide top notch privacy services including anonymous websurfing, anonymous Usenet newsgroup posting, anonymous SMS texting, comment posting, Free, Anonymous full service (C-Panel) website hosting offering both US and Panama (offshore) hosting to our subscribers! We also offer anonymous domain registration services and a host of other services including anonymous snail mail services. And much much more. When we say you will not find more for less, we mean it. We even offer a lifetime option which means you will NEVER pay for services again, ever. Complete Online Anonymity, all of the time! Give us a try, you simply will not be disappointed.
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