Online privacy FAQs

Do I need to be a techie to use your service?: Absolutely not. Our service is designed for both the tech savvy as well as the complete newbie and everyone in between. We offer simple, straight forward instruction with screen shots and offer prompt support when needed to get you to the level you desire.
What platforms does your service work on?: Our service works on all popular operating systems including Windows Vista & XP to Windows 8, 9, 10.& 11  Mac OSX, AOL, Linux and others. Our proxy and web services will work on all popular web browsers.
Are there additional costs or fees?: Your subscription gives you full access to our service. There are no hidden costs or fees. Our plans never rebill. If you choose 3 month or one year subscription your user ID will simply become invalid at the end of the subscription and you will have to sign up again for new access. The only time you would pay additional fees is if you choose to have us anonymously register a new domain and host it on your behalf. New domains registered anonymously are $19.95 a year. We also offer buisness tier hosting options for those that may need it.  Lifetime subscriptions NEVER expire and will remain valid for life.
What types of logs do you maintain?: To put it simply, NONE. To maintain logs of any type would clearly violate the privacy and anonymity we stand for!
Can I use your service on more than one computer?: Yes. As a subscriber you can use our service on any computer or device that you own or personally use.
Can I still use my default email program?: Yes, absolutely. You can use your default email program as you normally would. With our service, you have the option to be completely anonymous when you want to be anonymous.
Do I get software and can I download it right away?: We offer software downloads as well as services. Once you subscribe to our service you are given access to our subscribers area and can start using our services and software right away.
Will you ever sell or share my information in any way?: Absolutely not. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE will we EVER share ANY information on our subscribers with ANYONE for ANY reason. To do so would clearly violate the privacy we stand for.
Is it illegal to be anonymous online?: No, there are no laws that prevent a person from being anonymous online or taking steps to mask their true identity while online.
Online Privacy FAQs
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